Why did Jesus Christ of Nazareth have to come into the world?

Galatians 4-7

Why did Jesus Christ of Nazareth have to come into the world?

God is not a religion. How many of us look at our parents as a religion?

What do we think of when we think of our parents? Home. Home is a familiar place.

When we talk about God, we talk about a Parent. At the right time, God sent his Son to come looking for his brothers.  Brothers can fight, but the just move on. They usually don’t apologize.

At the right time God sent Jesus to come looking for us.  What went wrong? We see something that God tries to communicate to us in Luke 3:38 – the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

 The devil does not claim anyone as his son, if he did he would owe you love and affection.
God does not accept human sacrifice.  We look like him. The life of a human being has value. In Mark 8:36 we see the value. What shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Even if he gains the whole world… Our lives are equal to the life of God. There’s nothing in heaven, earth, or hell that is equal to our value.
A parent can easily lay down their own lives for their kids lives, it’s natural.  All the other Gods want people to sacrifice their kids.  God sacrificed himself for his kids.
We know God as a creator who makes things, as a God who judges. But for God to be a parent is unheard of among Gods.
In Genesis 2:15-17 – God tells Adam you have the enemy of your family.  Protect this garden (keep).
Genesis 3: 1-5 | The serpent (aka the devil) talking religion.
No matter how much a parent knows more than the child the parent still enjoys spending time with the child.
“You shall be like God” What is it like being like God?  Knowledge in the greek means light.  The devils name, Lucifer, is light bringer.
Christianity – how did this start?  Christ | the Son of God. Acts 11 is when they started calling disciples Jesus.
What was the problem people had with Jesus? He threatened religion.  Religion killed Jesus.  The people were afraid of losing the temple, the money, and their followers.  They killed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.
The religion of the people killed Jesus.  The religion of Israel.  321 AD – Emperor Constantine he was going to invade Rome.
The church is a man, not a bride.  The problem the devil is having is that some of us are born again.

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