The problems that Israel has with Yahweh

Dueteronomy 4:1-20

Every Israelite and those in covenant with him have these problems.

  1. Yahweh Chose You  – The problem Israel has is that nobody asked for their opinion. How come Israel can’t live like anyone else? Why do I have to stay here, why do I have to obey all these commandments.  There’s a difference between having to be holy, and having to be holy.  They cannot reconcile that they had no input in the decision.
  2. Israel is Yahweh’s Inheritance – Deuteronomy 4:20 – They divided every nation to have things. The only thing Yahweh chose was Israel. Israel must chose what it cannot have.  Israel has been given gifts that it is using to pursue gold and silver.
  3. Israels Calling – Duet. 7:6-9, Duet 7:1-9 – Israel is a Holy people, they were chosen to be a holy people unto Yahweh YOUR Elohim.  What does it mean to be Holy?…
    1. No Sin – Mind, Heart, Actions (Deeds)
    2. No Temptation
    3. No Corruption
    4. Exposed / Experiences the Word of Yahweh, the spirit of Yahweh, Lives the Word
  4. Yahweh gives Israel
    1. Commandments
    2. Statutes
    3. Ordinances
    4. Precepts
    5. Judgements

If Israel is Holy, then the nations know they are not being Holy.  But if Israel is not being Holy, now the nations will not know.  If Israel can’t get it right, the Nations will not get it right. If Israel cannot focus, how is it possible Yahweh is able to work with anyone else.

What about the other people? What about the Nations?

Their fathers rejected Yahweh, and taught their children to reject Yahweh.

Jubilees 10:1 – Jubilee 11:1

They rejected him and decided to do their own thing.

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