The Dragon

In Revelation, The Dragon, Satan, The Devil.  The deceiver of the whole world.

How do you know the end is here? The Devil will deceive the WHOLE world.  There is something that the Father does to the elect the will make them recover.  The serpent is the one who spoke to and deceived the woman.  Gadreel.  Enoch shows that Gadreel is the one who deceived Eve.

He gave the Angels a home, Earth.

The flood ended the ministry of Adam and Eve. Now we have Noah and family. The next temptation was the tower.

Satan defeated Adam and Eve.

Satan overcame every nation in the world by building that tower.

Abraham decided to listen, seek, love, and follow Yahweh.

The Children of Yahweh started to forget Yahweh in Egypt.  They ate, drank, and lived comfortably, and they forgot Yahweh.

In Revelation, the woman has the sun, moon, stars….Joseph had a dream with this woman.  In his dream he had the sun and the moon.  The same illustration is in Rev 12.

Joseph in Genesis said the stars were Israel.  And there appeared a woman with 12 stars…. it’s the whole family.  Why is the sun and the moon important?  The sun and the moon is important? The sun represents Jacob, the moon represents mother.  And the 12 stars are the 12 suns of Jacob.

Jacob and the wife giving birth to 12….. is significant because

He puts the sun on her head, moon on her feet.  Which means night and day will be your dwelling.  Wherever there is sunlight and moonlight.

James 1:1

The woman was pregnant… a man child… The child was caught up to heaven and Yahweh’s thrown.  In Psalm 110:1 – Sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool.

Why is Yehoshua sitting down?

The kingdoms of this world, if they are defeated, who will they be handed over to? There is no one here.  In Daniel 7…

Yehoshua rose from the dead and did not have anybody to deliver the kingdom to. How do you start a kingdom on earth and you have nobody?

Psalm 83

In Matthew 2, Judah was located in Egypt.

Baruch 2:30 –

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