Power and Life in the Messiah

Romans 7:10 The commandment is ordained for Life

Romans 7:12 The Law is Holy, The Commandment is Holy, The Commandment is Just, The Commandment is Good. (Just is the standard to recognize a person that is alive. It’s also a standard to recognize who is not alive.)

Romans 7:14 The Law is Spiritual

  1. Life is not living for ever.
  2. Life is not breathing.
  3. Life is not existence.
  4. Life is not achieving your purpose.
  5. Life is not being in the spirit.

Sin and Death – Rejection and acceptance to live by Another Law that makes all men sin

Romans 7:5 Death working in our flesh

Romans 7:6 Death hold us captives

Romans 7:7 Death gives my flesh – Desire / Hunger  / Lusts

Romans 7:18 – Death makes my flesh unfit to overcome him

Romans 7:18 – Death makes me /flesh powerless against himself (I can never perform/ do the commandment and will never live)

Romans 7:22 – I delight/take pleasure in reading the bible

Death wants to use you to accomplish its purpose.  It’s in control of your Spirit and your body. You’re a slave in the spirit and a slave in your body. The only voice you can hear is the voice of death.

And because you are spirit already.

Evil is what we are formed in.

The Law

  • -> Life
  • -> Death

The Law -> Perform -> Life

If I have life I can Perform The Law. Life causes me to perform. Doing the law because I have life causes everyone to receive what they need.

The Law of Sacrifices

  • The blood has life – Lev 17:11
  • Genesis 2:18-24 – Flesh of my Flesh, Bone of my Bon
  • Luke 24:36-44 – Messiah flesh and bone
  • 1 Cor 15:50

Something else is powering the body. What is it? Holy Spirit. Spirit of Yahweh.

New creation, you do not need blood to function.  Where is emotion? Emotions are hormones pumped into the blood and affect the blood. Emotions are chemicals that are pumped into your blood stream.  What is driving it? The blood. How do you become not emotional?

Give your blood to the messiah. “Take this blood away, this these chemical away”.  All the diseases of the body are in the blood.  Emotions are blood related.  Paranoia is blood related.  Hereditary traits are in the blood.  Who brings life into the egg? The man.

John 3:5 – Born again means water and spirit.  Water is the word. (Eph 5)

Messiah replaces the the sacrifice of animals, and blood. We give messiah blood in exchange for Spirit Life.

Romans 10:6-10

This body does not function by blood. This body functions by the spirit and the word.

Messiah is the one who gives Spirit life. He sacrificed himself so the blood he is pouring out will be the end of the world for Adam and Eve. From one man death is destroyed, and the power is taken from him.

If you remove all the blood in your body, you stop aging.

The biggest problem the church has been unable to understand, is how a human body can walk around this earth for 40 days with blood.

Faith is “deliver this blood to me, and let me give you the life that works”

Romans 8:1-4 –

The essence of the Gospels is to give us the life, so we can perform the law.

You speak the Word so the Spirit has the Word to use.

When you inherit the Spirit of Yahweh, you inherit his nature.  We become partakers of the divine nature.

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