Parables are Hiding a Secret Message

The parables are the prophetic word spoken in story form, a secret message system.  It’s a way you give meaning and explain prophetic word. “This is what Yahweh will do.” Children of the kingdom hear it and they understand what Yahweh is saying.

A parable is a mystery, an encrypted message.

When you look at parables, you should remember that Yahweh’s trying to make sure that his enemies are not understanding what he’s saying.

Luke 8:10

Matt 13:10,11

A Parable hidden for 2000 years.

Matthew 22

5000 years of history in one chapter. Every verse is prophecy.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain king which made a marriage for his son”

The place where the kingdom must be located is on Earth… (Matthew 6:10) The Kingdom is Earthly, it is on Earth. This is the location of the Kingdom.

Is their a country in scriptures where the king of heaven says this is my country where I am King?… Isaiah 44:6 – Yahweh is the KING of ISRAEL

Yahweh is the creator of Israel, the KING of Israel – Isaiah 43:15

The king is going to have a marriage of his son.

In the parable (matthew 22:2) he made a marriage for his Son.  In Revelation 21. The foundation of the city is built on the testimony of Yehoshua, which means Yehosuas word is the foundation.  The disciples were given the job to lay the foundation.  The gates happen to be the commandments.

The city is inherited. The city is for those who are CHILDREN of Yahweh Elohim.  Hebrews 11:8-10  shows that the maker is Yahweh.

The Gospel, Yehoshua has the spirit of Yahweh Elohim FULLY – when he speaks, instead of speaking like Moses, or speaking like Isaiah, or speaking like David. Yehoshua had the ability to blend the old testament secrets into very wonderful muffin.

What is the salvation of Israel? The King! It’s not food, anti-slavery laws. The King is the salvation of Israel. The king that Yahweh gave. Luke 25-36 shows that Yehoshua is Yahweh’s SON.  Why isn’t it preached it was this way? Because you have to accept who Yahweh is.  If you accept who Yahweh is, the you have to accept who did Yahweh choose (He chose Israel).  The Negro is the living Israel.

Romans 7:1-5

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