Judgement is for those who are guilty

Psalm 37:28 –

if you let people get away with it, then no one will want to do the right thing. No  one will want to live right, no one will want to do what the scripture says. If no one wants to live right then what kind of world are we going to have? A very dangerous world.

Nobody can escape here.  Some people can look like he’s going to get away with a lot of things, but no one gets away with things.

We have to come face to face with a person who keeps a record. You cannot judge without record. He keeps a record of EVERYTHING that people do. Because he keeps a record he is able to judge righteously.  The scripture says we should fear Yahweh because he can affect you in your body and spirit.

Matthew 10 – Fear him who is able to kill both the body and soul.  Fear in this context is knowledge, it’s knowing him where you are able to change his behavior. You don’t want to know the consequences he will bring.

Exodus 21-22

A curse is anything that hurts a person. A blessing is anything that makes a person happy.

A record of judgement is kept so no one will get away with hurting other people.

The essence of judgement is to stop you from believing you are OK.  If you do any of these things to any of these little ones, you have done it to ME.  STOP hurting people.

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