Fear not! Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Today we will be discussing short concepts. From Revelation Chapter 1:18.


  • the First and Last
  • Beginning and End
  • Aleph and Tav

The first thing God is saying to us as we go into 2018, FEAR NOT!

The first time we see fear is in Genesis 3. God did not create man with fear. Fear came after Adam and Eve sinned against God.

Fear is not of God. 2 Timothy 1:7.

In this world, fear is the only way we can have insurance. We are afraid of getting into a car accident so we get car insurance.

That’s why many people change the Gospel God gave them to preach. It’s hard for many people to stay true to God and serve him.  Salvation used to be a church of signs and wonders.  Now they give food, and things people need in the natural.

God says DO NOT FEAR.  Fear comes in because of sin.  Sin comes because we walk away from God. Fear came because Adam and Eve rejected God’s way of doing things. So fear is now the new way of living in this world.  What is Fear? Trusting someone else’s world than trusting God’s world.

Genesis 3:9,10 – Fear is the language of the world.  Fear is the language of the Spirit ruling this world.  Fear tells people what God is not saying.

Love is the opposite of fear.  The devil tells us what is likely to happen because he has his demonic powers that will make it happen. God says “I gave someone to you that makes everything go right for you.”  Jesus was given to you and me.  God gave Jesus to us so we could do things we could not do.  So where ever fear comes in, God says “I gave you Jesus, I gave him to you to cast out all fear.”  We care that God gave us the person that drives out fear.  Jesus has the certification to drive out fear.

Prayer is what we will be doing through 2018, we will pray pray pray till the devil goes to a different planet. Prayer is free of charge.

God is commanding us in 2018 we must reject every report that fear is telling us.  An example for us to reject – Age being a factor for a miracle. In Genesis 12,15,17 we see Abraham and Sarah saying we are too old for a miracle.  They were saying they were too old for a baby.

Fear is spiritual information / news disgusting itself as natural or normal.

Fear also told Zachariah that he was too old. Luke 1 – Zechariah says he was too old to have a baby.  Today God is telling us in 2 timothy 1:7 we have NOT received a spirit of fear.  Fear is a spirit that hates God, a spirit that hates you, a spirit that hates me.  Fear is a spirit that has plans to bring death and all things that God said.

What what does Love say? Love casts out all fear. Love says trust God.

I don’t trust myself I trust God.  There are so many things I can’t do but I trust God to do them.  I am who I am today because I trust God.

Love is God ready all the time.  I am the ever present help in time of need.  What is God trying to say to you and I today?

By 12 midnight today we go into yesterday we are still in the old heaven and old earth.

What is the plan? I did not understand God being a father until I became a Dad. I understood God being powerful, but not being a dad.  But I didn’t understand what Dads did until I became one.  Wow this is the biggest job on the planet.

You can’t go anywhere that quickly with a big family, you have to motivate everyone to move.  Imagine God who is faster than light, sound, having to put up with your speed.

God is saying 2018 is a new heaven and earth, LETS GO….

Food to eat is plentiful. God knows we need them so he gives them to us.

Love causes us to have trust in God.  God says in 1 John “This is Love, that God sent his Son to die in our place.”  If God sent his son to die for you and this is Love, he will also do everything else.  He did it so we can live.

We can come to God with boldness because we are his children.

Parents have no choice to retire. You can be mad but you can’t retire.

My children’s dream is to be adults, that is my dream too so they can take my job.  But it’s not happening that fast. They want me to resign but its not happening quickly.  I can’t resign cause they have no where to go.

The good thing is that every parent loves their job. It may be difficult, challenging at times. We are looking for a way to get it done. God doesn’t want you to look for a way to get it done. TRUST him, he knows what to do.

God wants us to trust him because he is thousands, and millions of years ahead of us.  The days Jesus was to be arrested he told his disciples “tonight I will be arrested an crucified and I will rise again.”

God doesn’t want us to understand he wants us to trust him.  We can’t understand it.  How can we understand that the moon has been there since Adam was created?

Jeremiah 29:11 – God guarantees if we call he will answer.

Tell me where you want me to go today, reveal to me what your plans are.  What do you want me to do today?

So we are not walking blind and we are not doing things blindly.


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