Exodus 22

Yahweh Elohim : Israel

  • Commandments – are daily relationships with:
    • Yahweh
    • His Son
    • Yourself
    • Your Neighbor
  • Statutes – are laws governing the Kingdom and You
  • Ordinances – are times, seasons, months, years
  • Precepts – are actions, Thoughts: When to, what to, how to
  • Judgements – is the payment for breaking any of the above


They forgot Yahweh, the commandments, statutes, ordinance, and precepts don’t concern them.

The judgement for forgetting Yahweh, Psalms 9:17, Psalm 14:1

They chose to forget.  People have the Moses and the Prophets to listen to.

Truth is something you cannot change. You have to work with it.

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