The problems that Israel has with Yahweh

Dueteronomy 4:1-20

Every Israelite and those in covenant with him have these problems.

  1. Yahweh Chose You  – The problem Israel has is that nobody asked for their opinion. How come Israel can’t live like anyone else? Why do I have to stay here, why do I have to obey all these commandments.  There’s a difference between having to be holy, and having to be holy.  They cannot reconcile that they had no input in the decision.
  2. Israel is Yahweh’s Inheritance – Deuteronomy 4:20 – They divided every nation to have things. The only thing Yahweh chose was Israel. Israel must chose what it cannot have.  Israel has been given gifts that it is using to pursue gold and silver.
  3. Israels Calling – Duet. 7:6-9, Duet 7:1-9 – Israel is a Holy people, they were chosen to be a holy people unto Yahweh YOUR Elohim.  What does it mean to be Holy?…
    1. No Sin – Mind, Heart, Actions (Deeds)
    2. No Temptation
    3. No Corruption
    4. Exposed / Experiences the Word of Yahweh, the spirit of Yahweh, Lives the Word
  4. Yahweh gives Israel
    1. Commandments
    2. Statutes
    3. Ordinances
    4. Precepts
    5. Judgements

If Israel is Holy, then the nations know they are not being Holy.  But if Israel is not being Holy, now the nations will not know.  If Israel can’t get it right, the Nations will not get it right. If Israel cannot focus, how is it possible Yahweh is able to work with anyone else.

What about the other people? What about the Nations?

Their fathers rejected Yahweh, and taught their children to reject Yahweh.

Jubilees 10:1 – Jubilee 11:1

They rejected him and decided to do their own thing.

Idols and Christmas

Exodus 20 1-3

Every nation has their own graven images. The only nation that does not have them is Israel.

Yahweh’s speaking “I am Yahweh Elohim…You shall have no Elohim before me…” Yahweh is saying you will not have anyone one the side.

Exodus 20:4 – “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image..”. There are already images of him here, which is us.

Let’s see Christmas in details, Jeremiah 10.

We have taught our kid to be Idol worshipers.  Israel started practicing what Egypt was doing, decorating Christmas trees and putting their sacrifices and offerings underneath it.

The Tree is the inverted penis of Tammuz, who is the reincarnated Baal.

Perversions would be performed under the tree. After people drink and smoke.

Mothers Day

Mothers, and then move on to the things that edify us.

Father – Source of Living

The woman becomes an icon as a mother, but how does the family become strong?

What was the biggest problem Eve had? Listening. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Listening is a gift that comes from the Word of Yahweh. Hearing is sound. Listening is how you perceive. Knowing what is righteous.  That is a gift from Yahweh.

Proverbs 2 – From the words of Yahweh come the spirit of Wisdom.  Knowing what to do, what to choose, what is valuable. Knowing what is good for you.  Listening comes by the Spirit.

Yahweh does not talk to everybody.

ABBA – Father – The home is with the man.  Aleph Mem Aleph

The home is the most important thing you can give to a woman.

Fear not! Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Today we will be discussing short concepts. From Revelation Chapter 1:18.


  • the First and Last
  • Beginning and End
  • Aleph and Tav

The first thing God is saying to us as we go into 2018, FEAR NOT!

The first time we see fear is in Genesis 3. God did not create man with fear. Fear came after Adam and Eve sinned against God.

Fear is not of God. 2 Timothy 1:7.

In this world, fear is the only way we can have insurance. We are afraid of getting into a car accident so we get car insurance.

That’s why many people change the Gospel God gave them to preach. It’s hard for many people to stay true to God and serve him.  Salvation used to be a church of signs and wonders.  Now they give food, and things people need in the natural.

God says DO NOT FEAR.  Fear comes in because of sin.  Sin comes because we walk away from God. Fear came because Adam and Eve rejected God’s way of doing things. So fear is now the new way of living in this world.  What is Fear? Trusting someone else’s world than trusting God’s world.

Genesis 3:9,10 – Fear is the language of the world.  Fear is the language of the Spirit ruling this world.  Fear tells people what God is not saying.

Love is the opposite of fear.  The devil tells us what is likely to happen because he has his demonic powers that will make it happen. God says “I gave someone to you that makes everything go right for you.”  Jesus was given to you and me.  God gave Jesus to us so we could do things we could not do.  So where ever fear comes in, God says “I gave you Jesus, I gave him to you to cast out all fear.”  We care that God gave us the person that drives out fear.  Jesus has the certification to drive out fear.

Prayer is what we will be doing through 2018, we will pray pray pray till the devil goes to a different planet. Prayer is free of charge.

God is commanding us in 2018 we must reject every report that fear is telling us.  An example for us to reject – Age being a factor for a miracle. In Genesis 12,15,17 we see Abraham and Sarah saying we are too old for a miracle.  They were saying they were too old for a baby.

Fear is spiritual information / news disgusting itself as natural or normal.

Fear also told Zachariah that he was too old. Luke 1 – Zechariah says he was too old to have a baby.  Today God is telling us in 2 timothy 1:7 we have NOT received a spirit of fear.  Fear is a spirit that hates God, a spirit that hates you, a spirit that hates me.  Fear is a spirit that has plans to bring death and all things that God said.

What what does Love say? Love casts out all fear. Love says trust God.

I don’t trust myself I trust God.  There are so many things I can’t do but I trust God to do them.  I am who I am today because I trust God.

Love is God ready all the time.  I am the ever present help in time of need.  What is God trying to say to you and I today?

By 12 midnight today we go into yesterday we are still in the old heaven and old earth.

What is the plan? I did not understand God being a father until I became a Dad. I understood God being powerful, but not being a dad.  But I didn’t understand what Dads did until I became one.  Wow this is the biggest job on the planet.

You can’t go anywhere that quickly with a big family, you have to motivate everyone to move.  Imagine God who is faster than light, sound, having to put up with your speed.

God is saying 2018 is a new heaven and earth, LETS GO….

Food to eat is plentiful. God knows we need them so he gives them to us.

Love causes us to have trust in God.  God says in 1 John “This is Love, that God sent his Son to die in our place.”  If God sent his son to die for you and this is Love, he will also do everything else.  He did it so we can live.

We can come to God with boldness because we are his children.

Parents have no choice to retire. You can be mad but you can’t retire.

My children’s dream is to be adults, that is my dream too so they can take my job.  But it’s not happening that fast. They want me to resign but its not happening quickly.  I can’t resign cause they have no where to go.

The good thing is that every parent loves their job. It may be difficult, challenging at times. We are looking for a way to get it done. God doesn’t want you to look for a way to get it done. TRUST him, he knows what to do.

God wants us to trust him because he is thousands, and millions of years ahead of us.  The days Jesus was to be arrested he told his disciples “tonight I will be arrested an crucified and I will rise again.”

God doesn’t want us to understand he wants us to trust him.  We can’t understand it.  How can we understand that the moon has been there since Adam was created?

Jeremiah 29:11 – God guarantees if we call he will answer.

Tell me where you want me to go today, reveal to me what your plans are.  What do you want me to do today?

So we are not walking blind and we are not doing things blindly.


Why did Jesus Christ of Nazareth have to come into the world?

Galatians 4-7

Why did Jesus Christ of Nazareth have to come into the world?

God is not a religion. How many of us look at our parents as a religion?

What do we think of when we think of our parents? Home. Home is a familiar place.

When we talk about God, we talk about a Parent. At the right time, God sent his Son to come looking for his brothers.  Brothers can fight, but the just move on. They usually don’t apologize.

At the right time God sent Jesus to come looking for us.  What went wrong? We see something that God tries to communicate to us in Luke 3:38 – the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

 The devil does not claim anyone as his son, if he did he would owe you love and affection.
God does not accept human sacrifice.  We look like him. The life of a human being has value. In Mark 8:36 we see the value. What shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Even if he gains the whole world… Our lives are equal to the life of God. There’s nothing in heaven, earth, or hell that is equal to our value.
A parent can easily lay down their own lives for their kids lives, it’s natural.  All the other Gods want people to sacrifice their kids.  God sacrificed himself for his kids.
We know God as a creator who makes things, as a God who judges. But for God to be a parent is unheard of among Gods.
In Genesis 2:15-17 – God tells Adam you have the enemy of your family.  Protect this garden (keep).
Genesis 3: 1-5 | The serpent (aka the devil) talking religion.
No matter how much a parent knows more than the child the parent still enjoys spending time with the child.
“You shall be like God” What is it like being like God?  Knowledge in the greek means light.  The devils name, Lucifer, is light bringer.
Christianity – how did this start?  Christ | the Son of God. Acts 11 is when they started calling disciples Jesus.
What was the problem people had with Jesus? He threatened religion.  Religion killed Jesus.  The people were afraid of losing the temple, the money, and their followers.  They killed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.
The religion of the people killed Jesus.  The religion of Israel.  321 AD – Emperor Constantine he was going to invade Rome.
The church is a man, not a bride.  The problem the devil is having is that some of us are born again.

Why did God Create Us? To Show Everything In Creation Who He Is

God Created us to show everything in creation who he is.

God wants to look down on earth and say “im right there!”.

What’s easier, telling someone about yourself or telling someone who you are.

God manifesting and revealing himself through everyones actions.

Even when we get to heaven, we begin to know who God is. It will take us all of eternity to now who God is.

God is far deeper and higher than anything or anyone I have ever come across. Imagine a God who can have 8 billion different people with 8 billion different personalities.

Righteousness and Grace

Without Grace it becomes impossible to manifest righteousness.

Dirty work

  1. Devil talking to you || Holy Spirit pours grace into your spirit
  2. Lust – Satans Hunger and thirst to use your body to carry out his bright ideas
  3. Seduction – Entice
  4. Sin – My Body is Available

The Holy Spirit is inside of us, making sure that we don’t respond to and of the dirty work.

God put the Holy Spirit inside of us to speak to us.  The Holy Spirit will supercharge our spirit. Grace begins to flood our spirit. Grace begins to flood our body.

The first thing the Holy Spirit does is remind you of who you are.

When you don’t remember who you are you will believe anything. The job of Grace is to cause you to know who your Father is, but who he made you to become. Why is that? Grace works perfectly with truth. If Satan can get you to walk away from who you are he can present something else to you.

John 1:14 – “Full of Grace…” There is no time that we have less than full grace.

John 1:16 – And of his fullness we have received, and grace for grace.

God MULTIPLIES Grace to us. If we were the spend one dollar, and then get two, three, or four in return. This is how Grace works.

Your identity carries power. You cannot confront the devil without identity.  “This is my beloved Son”.

Work with God is producing good result. Doing something wonderful. Work and wonder go together.

Truth – Who God is and who you are to him.

John 10:5 – We are able to know what God can say.

To deal with enticement – God grounds us. Makes us immovable. Sober. Temperance.

The fullness of Grace is inside of us. Since the Grace of God is inside of us, it can be deployed.

1 John 4 – You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

The biggest problem we’ve had, is an industry of Christians, who make money out of very weak believers. Because if you feel weak then the Pastor is powerful.  You cannot win.

A born again believer never fights.

Galatians 5:1 -Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free,[a] and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage

Revelations 12:11

Luke 10

Power and the Holy Spirit

Power and the Holy Spirit are the same.

Acts 1:8 – Power and the Holy Spirit are one.

I was raised knowing Numbers, and Deuteronomy and it was very difficult for me to hear “saved by Grace, Salvation”.  Pastor was not born in church.

When a Christian gives a testimony about being a bad person it can be hard to relate to because some people aren’t bad.  What made me become born again is when Jesus was their in the hospital in front of him. I knew without being told that I was filthy without being told.

I knew what it meant to be clean, I knew what it meant to be holy. But could I achieve it? No.  That’s how I became born again.

What is missing between a born again and non born again person is actually power and the Holy Spirit.

Without the Holy Spirit a believer is not able to function. Power is the ability and capacity to do things. Without power there is no result. Prayer becomes a drag, there are no results when you pray. There are no results in all that you do, in your life as a believer, in all that you do as a Christian.

In the book of Romans 7 – I KNOW (my mind) I have will -> (My Heart agreeing with my mind) one thing is for certain is that I have no power to do. Because I have no power I am a slave. I am in bondage.

Romans 7:15-18 –15 For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do. 16 If, then, I do what I will not to do, I agree with the law that it is good. 17 But now, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me. 18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. (No Power)

I used to struggle with Sin.

I read every book on the planet.  TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White. I bought every Pastor. For every book on the book shelf I had a copy. If it was in print then I read it.

Why does my body tell me what to do? I went to Christian fellowship.  I went to the front to receive the Holy Spirit.  I spread my hands, I was tired.

The Pastor tried to trick me that Acts 2 is not saying what it is saying. I told God we are going to make a deal. If you do not change me for real. I have never drank in my life. I have never been evil like others. Now I will go and be evil because now I know that this is fake.   You don’t work, but I know the devil works. If I join you I don’t know where you are going but I know where the devil is going.

For the first time I have reached a point where you can say that “I cannot save myself.”

After that I got out of my car, I saw a man selling the bible, I picked up the new living translation.  I couldn’t put it down. I bought it.  I read it all night and then I finally got it.  I have to trust what you say. That what you said is what you said.  I don’t have to work to make anything happen. If you say I’m holy than I am holy. If you say that nothing of the devil affects me then thats it.  That’s the day everything changed for me.

God decided to make it so simple that a baby can understand it.  Why being born again doesn’t work is because you are too smart.  What he says is what he means.

Jesus says “you shall receive power…”.  What is the first job of the Holy Spirit? The first thing God does is open your ears.

Jesus said in John 16:13-15:

  • Power to identify, recognize, and live in truth.

If you don’t believe a word that your spouse says, how long will you be married?

Why don’t miracles happen in church? Because the pastor doesn’t accept the word as the word.

God says the job of the Holy Spirit is to give you power to recognize truth. What is truth? You have a Dad and you don’t know him. Holy Spirit says “I can show you who your Dad is.” Everybody on this planet has Daddy issues.  All of us have Daddy issues. If God really is your provider why do you have a bank account.

Jesus comes into the world and says “I want to introduce you to your Father.” Your Father can take care of you, and he will, and he loves you. God says “I give you power to know the truth” Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, comes inside of us so when someone is lying to us we can tell.  God gives us power to know and recognize the truth.

Power is an ability

  • Ability to hear
  • Ability to see
  • Ability to make decisions in your heart
  • Ability to DO them
  • Ability to know them in your mind

“I want you to accept what I say at face value.  I need you to say to me “I trust you and I trust what you say”. If I tell you anything in the bible that settles any situation.

I found something out when I was looking for God. The whole new testament you don’t have to pray concerning anything in Matthew to Revelation. You only need to accept it. It changed everything for me.  God said “I have given you the power to love”.  God has said that he’s given me love, I should not be praying for God to give me love.

Are you an unbelieving believer?  This person looks at what God says and he has an opinion. He looks at the scriptures and he has an opinion about what God says.  They will say “Oh I don’t feel it.”  Do you feel the air in your lungs?

A Sinner is a person who was born by Adam.

Even if I didn’t do anything wrong, as long as I am connected to Adam I am going to hell. Romans 5:12,13 If I didn’t do what Adam did I am still a sinner.  Because of Adam I am condemned.

God sent Jesus so I could have a chance.

Jesus Christ is my righteousness.  I can do what God said because of Jesus Christ. I died to Adam when Jesus died on the cross. I believe and accept what God says about me and Adam and about me and Jesus.  He rose from the dead so that I can be free. And then he gave me Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit is Power inside of me.  That Spirit gives me power, the power and ability of God. Everything I need to do is done by God.

I have ability I was not born with. I was born deaf and could not hear God the Holy Spirit gave me ears to hear God.

Power is ability.  I have ability that I was not born with. I have ability the God gave to me.  EVERYBODY That has the Holy Spirit has power. The first thing that God does is give you his own nature.  His own nature is the Spirit of God.

Power, love, joy, peace, long suffering that is WHO Holy Spirit inside of me. Holy Spirit is POWER inside of me. I can now tell the Devil to buzz off. To get lost.