Power and Life in the Messiah

Romans 7:10 The commandment is ordained for Life

Romans 7:12 The Law is Holy, The Commandment is Holy, The Commandment is Just, The Commandment is Good. (Just is the standard to recognize a person that is alive. It’s also a standard to recognize who is not alive.)

Romans 7:14 The Law is Spiritual

  1. Life is not living for ever.
  2. Life is not breathing.
  3. Life is not existence.
  4. Life is not achieving your purpose.
  5. Life is not being in the spirit.

Sin and Death – Rejection and acceptance to live by Another Law that makes all men sin

Romans 7:5 Death working in our flesh

Romans 7:6 Death hold us captives

Romans 7:7 Death gives my flesh – Desire / Hunger  / Lusts

Romans 7:18 – Death makes my flesh unfit to overcome him

Romans 7:18 – Death makes me /flesh powerless against himself (I can never perform/ do the commandment and will never live)

Romans 7:22 – I delight/take pleasure in reading the bible

Death wants to use you to accomplish its purpose.  It’s in control of your Spirit and your body. You’re a slave in the spirit and a slave in your body. The only voice you can hear is the voice of death.

And because you are spirit already.

Evil is what we are formed in.

The Law

  • -> Life
  • -> Death

The Law -> Perform -> Life

If I have life I can Perform The Law. Life causes me to perform. Doing the law because I have life causes everyone to receive what they need.

The Law of Sacrifices

  • The blood has life – Lev 17:11
  • Genesis 2:18-24 – Flesh of my Flesh, Bone of my Bon
  • Luke 24:36-44 – Messiah flesh and bone
  • 1 Cor 15:50

Something else is powering the body. What is it? Holy Spirit. Spirit of Yahweh.

New creation, you do not need blood to function.  Where is emotion? Emotions are hormones pumped into the blood and affect the blood. Emotions are chemicals that are pumped into your blood stream.  What is driving it? The blood. How do you become not emotional?

Give your blood to the messiah. “Take this blood away, this these chemical away”.  All the diseases of the body are in the blood.  Emotions are blood related.  Paranoia is blood related.  Hereditary traits are in the blood.  Who brings life into the egg? The man.

John 3:5 – Born again means water and spirit.  Water is the word. (Eph 5)

Messiah replaces the the sacrifice of animals, and blood. We give messiah blood in exchange for Spirit Life.

Romans 10:6-10

This body does not function by blood. This body functions by the spirit and the word.

Messiah is the one who gives Spirit life. He sacrificed himself so the blood he is pouring out will be the end of the world for Adam and Eve. From one man death is destroyed, and the power is taken from him.

If you remove all the blood in your body, you stop aging.

The biggest problem the church has been unable to understand, is how a human body can walk around this earth for 40 days with blood.

Faith is “deliver this blood to me, and let me give you the life that works”

Romans 8:1-4 –

The essence of the Gospels is to give us the life, so we can perform the law.

You speak the Word so the Spirit has the Word to use.

When you inherit the Spirit of Yahweh, you inherit his nature.  We become partakers of the divine nature.

Righteousness – God Is Not Demanding Our Help

Righteousness is how things are done in heaven.  When Jesus came into the world he brought heaven with him.

When we leave the world and we enter Christ we are in heaven.

Matthew 13:24-30

Matthew 13:36-43 – The devil sowed them in the Kingdom, not in the world.  He’s a child of the devil.

Sin is not a problem that man deals with, it is a problem that God has to deal with. You cannot change yourself.  If you could change yourself you would not need to be here. Jesus died a terrible death. It would have been easier to have been hit by a semi truck.  The intent was not just to kill Jesus, but to punish him.

God says stop struggling.

Why do we struggle:

  1. We want to succeed
  2. We want to prove a point
  3. We want to try our best
  4. We don’t want fail

What is the right reason why we struggle. It comes from our past and it doesn’t have to do with our mom or dad. We struggle because of one reason, that is because Eve and Adam stopped trusting God when he said something to them.

Everything we do now must be done by faith.  But we love everything that we do to be predictable.

How do you succeed away from perfection?

It’s Gods presence that makes us perfect. Standing in God’s presence makes us perfect.

Genesis 3:1-7 – Adam and Eve were perfect.  They trusted God. They believed everything God had said. Satan says “if you disobey and sin then you shall be like God”. You shall be like God. You will know by experience Good and Evil.

Why does God want us to be born again? So we can be like him.

How many people who are born again believe they are like God?

Hebrews 12:4 – You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin.

The more independent you become the less trusting you become. Sin is declaring independence.

The blood that keeps our bodies alive, is the same as the Holy Spirit in our spirit.

God used our bodies to tell us what is happening in the spirit.  We have a heart that pumps blood.  In our heart, anyone who is not born again has a heart of stone. What is the greatest thing our heart transports? Oxygen.  The breath of God. We have a heart in our spirit.  It pumps life aka “Holy Spirit”.  What does this life carry? It carries the Grace of God in our bodies.

Why the Grace? Why not gentleness, peace? Because the Grace of God is the only way God can affect your Spirit AND Body and the same time.  Our bodies are instruments to perform. And the only thing that wants to stop it from performing is Sin. Grace is the only thing God created to take care of Sin.  The Grace of God does two things.  1. It manufacturers and produces righteousness. Righteousness is the manifestation that the life of God is inside of you.

So we see very clearly that the Grace of God in Romans 5:16-20.  The amazing thing about Grace is it finds what you need and then it supplies it in abundance. The essence of Grace is so that we don’t lack anything.  What makes it difficult for the believer to enjoy Grace?  All this is God working in us.  In one second Satan says “I don’t think you can do it”.  Satan has to find a way to bring you in.  You sit down to have a conversation with your wife or your boss at the office. What is the first thing you should do before the conversation? We should pray. Do we usually do that?

Why don’t people pray all the time? Because they don’t realize they are spiritual people in a spiritual world doing spiritual business.  Whatever you see is deceitful, it may not be true.

When God wants to solve a problem he talks to you. Faith comes by hearing. The Holy Spirit talks to us.  Satan is into augmented reality.

How does the Grace of God work?  The Grace of God is Gods own contribution for making you born again.

God wants us to use what has been given and told by him to overcome what we see.

Numbers 12, 13 – They get to the place to enter the promised land and they see giants.  And they come back and say “if we go in there we die”.  Where will God be when the Giant is trying to kill you. Will he just watch you die?  What God is trying to say is “If you can’t trust me I can’t work.” What is Grace? God working for you – but he needs you to trust him to do it.

God is working for you, God loves working for you. It’s usually the little guy working for the big guy.  God is in us, working FOR us. Giving us the will, being able to communicate to us in our mind. Why doesn’t he communicate to us in our heart? Because our hearts are full of Faith.  Do you know every time God talks to you he tells you something impossible? God said to Moses “move towards the water so it will open”.  A person who is born again naturally lives in miracles.  There’s a problem with miraculous people, they want to be normal, they want to be like everyone else.  We are born again to show off.

Why does God do it by area, situation by situation? Because God wants us to trust him all the time. Trust is the same thing as Faith. Sometimes God won’t even show up till the last minute.  God wants us to trust him when it seems like nothing is working. Because we can’t see it working doesn’t mean it isn’t.  Grace is God working, giving us what we do not have.  Grace is God working out the things that need to happen.

What are we saying today? Your heart pumps the spirit, life is in and to your spirit. That spirit of God, when you pray and believe, will pump grace from your spirit and affect your body.  Many people have experienced this, but when you pray anytime you don’t have time or are tired the spirit of God cannot affect your body because you don’t have time. Compared when you have taken the time to be in God’s presence. You have prayed things that you never planned to.

1 Corinthians 12:7,11 – But the manifestation of the Spirit if given to each one for the profit of all.  But one and the same spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.

God is giving from the Spirit, gifts.  The difference between God and us is that it has to be our birthday to give gifts.

Everything that Jesus has, God gave everything.  Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Prophecy – I can tell you of things to come ahead of time.


What causes your body to respond to the devil?

God put something in your body so righteousness becomes natural. So natural that you don’t have to pray to God for righteousness.

When you get born again, God causes you to become ineffective.  Effect = results.  God knows if he puts anything in our hands we will someday not feel like it.

God found if he makes it for strong people, weak people will not be happy so he decided to make everyone the same.  What did God decide to do?  He decided the weakest person would be the strongest in the Kingdom of God.

Righteousness means:

  • No strength
  • No power
  • No ability

What determines a person being born again? The Holy Spirit.

Jesus said in John 11:25 – I AM the Resurrection I AM the Life.

A born again Christian has:

Life in the Person

Not Born Again person has:

Death in the Person

Matthew 3

  • John The Baptist
  • Disciples (John 3:8-14)
  • Never heard of the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-6)

What’s the difference between a person who has repented and a person who has been Born Again?

Look at how a person functions. A repented person never goes past the cross.

Where does forgiveness happen? Where does change happen?  The cross is where you drain the blood, but that is not where the blood is used.

What makes a person Born Again?

“I Sin, I know I’m a sinner.” If God gets rid of Death, he gets rid of sin.

If life is in my body, then my body is not responsive to sin. Death is not in me, I cannot respond to Sin, I cannot respond to iniquity.

Holy Spirit does not give you life.  Holy Spirit IS Life.

Holy Spirit is always pumping life into every part of my body. This is called GRACE.

Romans 5:2 – through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. 17 For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.

Death produces Lust, which produces Enticement,  which produces Sin, which produces Death

Life produces Grace, which produces Lead by Spirit, which produces Righteousness, which produces Abundant Life

Jesus was driven by the Holy Ghost into the wilderness

Mark 1:12 – And immediately the Spirit drove him into the wilderness

The LIFE is the SPIRIT

Grace falls into our spirit into our body.  How does one continue to make Grace happen? How does Grace continue to work?

Life is in the believer, and that life is the Spirit of Christ/Jesus/God.  Because that spirit is inside of me, that spirit needs me to always acknowledge he’s there for Grace to work. Are you going to acknowledge that the spirit is there?

Knowing what God can do and will do is called FAITH.  When I don’t feel like doing anything in the morning, God says “What do you think I woke you up for?  I woke you up AGAIN.” What do you know is God’s purpose for you today.

Acts 17:28 – for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.

Life and Grace is for those who live by FAITH. Romans 5:1,2

How do you live? The life is governed by faith. God says I shall live, I shall move, I shall do great things.

Before you were born again Satan controls you and makes you things. When you are born again satan changes his language.  He uses senses.

Faith causes Grace to pour out. Faith causes Grace to happen.

Faith is our agreement that Grace will take care of our problem.

Phil 1:6 – that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you[a] in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes you cannot pray in your heart.  You have to open your mouth and talk.