What is an Oasis?

An oasis is a place in the desert that is fertile due to the presence of underground water; a place of refuge or respite from something usual or difficult.

What We Believe

At Oasis of Life, we have the living water – His name is Jesus Christ, The Messiah.

The Holy Spirit, through us, ministers the Word of God in a way which transforms how each person sees their circumstances. Believers are empowered with the solution God the Father already provided.

God has confirmed this as the only way humanity can have deliverance from every situation when He raised Jesus The Messiah from the grave.

At Oasis of Life, the believer is taught how obtaining victory was appointed unto and accomplished by Jesus, while living in victory is God’s mandate for all believers.

The believer is made to rethink every perspective of prior Christian education and reintroduced to how Jesus is the life in him or her and how His life unlocks treasures and riches of opportunities, possibilities, realities and a fulfilled life now and for eternity.

Every believer at Oasis of Life Church is a minister whose pulpit is not primarily the church but everywhere they are located.

Our job at Oasis of Life Church is to equip believers with the tools necessary to excel at what they do and wherever they are located so that the life of Christ can be seen by all around him or her, therefore, the believer is thus the vessel through whom God can reveal Jesus to the world.

Our commission and mandate is clear: Make every believer the manifestation of the King Jesus on earth so the world can see, believe and be brought to a relationship with the Father through His son, Jesus.